We believe in the Self-Directed Work Team (SDWT) concept. With us, you can enjoy a flexible work schedule in a remote working environment.


We have a fair compensation structure based on our revenue growth rate. There are also annual stock options available for full-time employees and additional bonus based on our performance and annual net income.


We are happy to provide the best tools and equipment available in the market. We also support unlimited purchase of books and publishing books or research papers.

How we work?

One mission statement

We have a single mission – to help investors make insightful decisions.  Regardless of how other companies may perform, we remain focused on our goal.  With us, there is only one way, and we make our way together as a team.

We work freely

We believe in smart work; we are self-directed and not micro-managed.  We decide when and where we work.

Self-directed working environment

At Uberple, we are all leaders with strong motivation, self-discipline and a sense of ownership towards our work. We are all owners of the company.

We work professionally

We solidify our foundation and accumulate knowledge and expertise diligently.  We solve our problems by identifying the root cause. We build our knowledge based on a solid foundation. We grow together as a team and share our expertise with each other.

Sharing environment

We are not a large corporation yet, but we are growing very rapidly. We share our profit fairly with everyone in the team. We also equally distribute 10% of our annual net income and pre-determined amount of stock option each year. We trust each other to do their best and so we equally share the fruits of our hard work together rather than using a performance based metric.

How to apply

Would you like to join us?  Please send your CV to .