Uberple Data Intelligence

Uberple provides users with financial big-data and offers them making use of technologies for analyzing financial big-data easily.


Uberple data Intelligence

Obtaining and processing large amounts of financial data is crucial to providing suggestions to clients and making investment decisions. However, it is difficult to collect and process such data efficiently. Additionally, financial data is not free of charge and, in fact, is rather expensive.

Often data vendors sell only raw data. Therefore, companies who require this data, need to have an infrastructure which can store, manage, and process data. Such infrastructures often require highly advanced technology.  It is often rather inefficient for financial companies to spend time and money in managing and processing data as this deviates them from developing financial products and serving their clients.

With UDI, Uberple can help financial companies save time, money and efforts in obtaining and processing needed data.

Data Coverage

  • Market data (Price, Volume, OHLC, Level 1 & Level 2 data)
  • Corporate data (Earnings, Company descriptions, Capital structures, Shareholders’ information, Dividend history, etc)
  • Financial news and disclosures (News, Corporate Disclosures, IR books, Analysts’ Research)
  • Economic data (Domestic & Global Economic Statistics, Data from National Bureau of Statistics and Central Banks)
  • Global data (FX, Oil prices, Interest Rates, Agriculture/Metal/Energy, etc)
  • Market experts’ research (“Alpha”)

UDI helps you search and analyze news, research, IR books, and corporate disclosures.

Search results are summarized into three paragraphs, stripped of embedded advertisements and duplicate information for clear visibility and readability.  Similar and related information are bundled so that you can focus on the information you are interested in.

UDI also supports search for text files as well as PDFs, allowing you to find information from various sources such as analysts’ reports, corporate disclosures, and IR books.

Use Case
When UDI is applied to Home Trading Systems(HTS) of Shinhan Investment Corporation and KB securities, their customers were able to obtain compressed and summarized information from various news sources sans advertisements or duplicated information without having to search various platforms to gather knowledge and information regarding the mentioned companies.

Global Event Analysis

UDI monitors and analyzes daily news stories and summarizes them so that you can quickly see a snapshot of the current marketplace. Every 10 minutes, it analyses 12-hours worth of the latest news, extracts the most important issues, and ranks how important each issue is.

We also provide additional related news, keywords, companies, and opinions of analysts so that these issues can be linked to potential investment opportunities.

Use Case
UDI analyses and summarizes issues on a real-time basis for Shinhan’s Mobile Trading System (MTS) and SNEK.

Sentiment Analysis

Every day, vast amounts of analysts’ reports are poured into stock market. Each brokerage firm conducts analysis from various perspectives, but most of research lead to either “BUY” or “HOLD”.

UDI evaluates the analysts’ reports and identifies the sentiment of each opinion in the reports. An analyst’s sentiment can be an important indicator for investment. With UDI, you can assess whether the content is positive or only recommending ‘BUY’ with a negative sentiment.

UDI is trusted by multiple hedge funds who already use our data and strategies.

Event Studies

“How has the issue of THAAD affected entertainment companies?”

UDI provides timeline based trend information for keywords of interest to help you keep track of global events and how stock prices will be affected by such events. With UDI, you can quantify how the event has occurred and whether the impact of the event is growing or diminishing, along with how stock prices of entertainment companies have fluctuated.

Issue-Related Company Analysis

“Which companies are involved in the Internet of things(IoT)? “

“What is a list of mobile game companies planning to enter China?”

UDI searches IR, corporate disclosures, and news regarding all listed companies in Korea to link specific topics to companies. It also extracts a list of companies related to the specific topic.