SNEK is an investment research platform that
helps you have an in-depth analysis of your company of interest.

SNEK is an investment research platform that provides you with an in-depth analyses of companies of your interest.


Independent research with broad coverage

Brokerage houses cover only around 30% of all listed companies due to cost and structural problems. We, at Uberple, bring various industry and market experts, investors, and analysts to research freely and make independent and unbiased recommendations.

Additionally, we encourage them to write about the other 70% which consists of medium to small companies on the exchange. We also offer our users free brokerage research so that they may easily analyze any company or stock of their choice.

Search through financial information easily

SNEK provides you with extensive financial information which you can easily search through by entering just a few keywords. Information such as fundamental data, news, corporate disclosures, IR books, sell-side research, and articles written by market experts are provided for free of charge.

Additionally, you can find related contents for a particular company and conduct your own analysis of multiple companies.

Smart Retrieval of information

SNEK automatically organizes and summarizes fetched content to three paragraphs. It also removes advertisements and duplicate information to provide you with only relevant information so that you can quickly acquire the most essential information to your query.

Through SNEK, users can easily discover trends in their portfolio as well as the market without having to enter additional queries.




Corporate Disclosure

Sell-side Research

Investor Relations (IR) books